7" Thick White Antistatic Sleeve

7" Thick White Antistatic Sleeve

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Outer Sleeve: Soft, thick (180gr/m2) white paper.

Inner Lining: Lining is Antistatic Polyethylene film.

Antistatic film lines all of the inner surface of the sleeve. Lining is not CELOPHANE. Thereby, the lining is not plastered all over the inner surface with glue. The film is only glued to the sleeve from the opening of the sleeve and under the round die-cut. Theoretical effect duration of the antistatic cure is 3 years.

Seams glued from outside and finger-cut makes for easier insertion and removal from the sleeve.

Not all colored papers are artificially colored. Raw materials are self colored, which will not transfer color to your hands or your vinyl.

Please use the contact form for custom print on the sleeve

Warning: 7" sleeve will not fit in the original cover of your vinyl. 

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