Stylus Cleaning Solution

Stylus Cleaning Solution

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Brand: Çıtırtılı Sesler
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Package Contents: 30 ml Solution + User Manual + Microporous sponge

Solution Content: Distilled Pure Water + Ethyl Alcohol + Antistatic Chemicals

Cleaning the stylus of your record player will prolong the life of your stylus as well as improve the sound quality of your player.

For the getting the most of your stylus;

  • Clean your records before playing
  • Always keep the record lid closed
  • If the the cartridge has a stylus protector, affix it on the stylus after use.
  • Check the cartridge is in the correct position with the Stylus Cartridge Alignment Protector
  • Check the accuracy of the Stylus weight with Stylus Force Gauge
  • Clean your stylus frequently

Stylus Cleaning Solution Usage:

  • Pewaa the top cover of the solution bottle to open
  • Drip a few drops of solution on to a stylus cleaning brush if there's any or on to the microporous sponge that is provided in the package.
  • Without touching the needle with your hand gently touch the stylus several times on the sponge.
  • with a magnifying glass check if the stylus has been cleaned and repeat the procedure if needed.

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